This set contains all bolts, nuts & washers for a Prusa Mendel.

22 pcs - M3x10 cap screw
16 pcs - M3x25 cap screw 
4   pcs - M3x40 cap screw
40 pcs - M3 nut
70 pcs - M3 washer
2   pcs - M3 set screw  
83 pcs - M8 regular nut 
93 pcs - M8 washer
6   pcs - M8x30 fender washers

2 pcs - M4x20 cap screw 
2 pcs - M4 washer
2 pcs - M4 regular nut
Note 1: The extruder hardware set is not included; Wade's extruder hardware can be purchase separately from A2APrinter Extruder Parts.
Note 2: There are extra bolts, nuts, and washers in each package.


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