Note: This product is not a kit; no assembly is required as it is already fully assembled

The A2A 3D Printer is designed to be highly advanced, eco-friendly and forward thinking. The simplicity of use is rivaled only by the minimalist footprint and efficiency as compared to other devices in the marketplace

Feature highlights:

  • With an SD card slot, no computer is required to print
  • Touch display screen for file selection and job initiation
  • Most advanced print head technology reduces clogging and frequency of cleaning cycles
  • Minimal design means there is no wasted space on the unit or in your home
  • Driven a by intuitive, supportive and fully integrated software package unrivaled in the marketplace
  • Uses less energy to operate than conventional 3-D printers
  • Uses recyclable plastics to maximize efficiency and minimalize environmental impact
  • Supported by a vibrant and enthusiastic community of users in addition to our expert staff
  • Priced to be accessible to a wider market than current 3-D printers on the market

    • Category: 3D printer
    • Supported printing supplies: PLA
    • Max. printing Width (X): 150 mm
    • Max. printing Length (Y): 150 mm
    • Max. printing Height (Z): 140 mm
    • Extruder type: Single
    • Printed layer thickness (min. ) 0.18 mm
    • Printed layer thickness (max. ) 0.3 mm
    • SD card slot: Yes
    • Interfaces: USB 2.0
    • Color: White
    • Case material: Metal
    • Width: 221 mm
    • Height: 403 mm
    • Length: 298 mm
    • Weight: 7.5 kg
    • What is in the box? (listed below)
    • Pre-Assembled 3D printer
    • 1.75 mm PLA filament in natural color, 0.75 kg/1 roll
    • Power cable (320 cm)
    • USB cable (139 cm)
    • Wrench (M2.5)
    • 2x M3 x 12 nuts
    • 22x M3 x 6 nuts
    • 4 x Clips (B3609, 19 mm)
    • Tweezers
    • Build bed
    • Cut plier
    • SD card (manual and software)
    • Spool holder
    • Tube filament guide
    • Power adapter
    • Cleaning needle.



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